Tshirt No. 244 August 31st 2012
WOW!! Representing YOTT has definitely been the highlight of my year. I've had tons of fun doing it and of course got a bunch of tees in the process (some of them in this very pic). But all good things have to come to an end and my time has come. I thank YOTT for the opportunity and having me do something I've never done before, I've had so much fun and enjoyed it immensely. Kevin over and out!

Tshirt No.243 August 30th 2012
Its a well known fact that I love me a good pocket tee. So after featuring the Sail Distric store on YOTT I asked them if they could make me a custom one for the heck of it. This is what they hooked me up with and I like

Tshirt No. 242 August 29th 2012
There's nothing like a pick me up when your batteries are running low. It seems like coffee does the trick just well. Charging in progress

Tshirt No. 241 August 28th 2012
Who ever said that you can't party on a Tuesday? Who? That's what I thought. So whoever is looking for a party, you've just found it. Follow me, the party is this way

Tshirt No. 240 August 27th 2012
Yeah yeah yeah I know I know, I don't have guns so what show am I welcoming everyone to? Well... That's exactly why I love this tee, I little irony never heart anyone. Welcome to the gun show be sure to visit our souvenir store on your way out

Tshirt No. 239 August 26th 2012
Now this isn't something that I've always had a love for, but ever since I hit university my love has grown hahahahha. Shout out to Big Butts, great tee

Tshirt No. 238 August 25th 2012
Aahh its the weekend! Time to kick back chill with friends and enjoy myself. I'm in such a whimsical mood today that I needed a tee just like this to portray the mood I'm in.

Tshirt No.237 24th August 2012
Its been quite a hectic week and like everyone else I'm glad that the weekend has finally arrived. So I'm going to say it loud, thank God its friday!

Tshirt No. 236 August 23rd 2012
Facebook tshirts aren't a new phenomenon, everyone knows they've been around for a while. There are many Facebook tshirts on the market but this is definitely my favorite.

Tshirt No.235 August 22nd 2012
I'm starting to love the Star Wars enterprise more and more all thanks to my beloved StormTroopers. The Storm Troopers are making such a compelling case for Star Wars (especially with tees like these) that I might just give the movies a chance

Tshirt No 234 August 21st 2012
Don't make me have to say it out loud. I'm loving this tee right now. The one thing that comes to mind are Lil' Wayne's lyrics "I'm a love machine, and I won't work for nobody but you..." I can hear the song in clearly right now

Tshirt No. 233 August 20th 2012
Is there any way to get a smile on someone's face than through a graphic tee? I don't think anything else is as effective. Sometimes just a bit of humor on a tee is enough to get the desired result. This is exactly the tee for the job, but hey, I'm just the wingman.

Tshirt No. 232 19th August 2012
Today marks great day in every Muslim's life, the day of Eid (Eid Mubarak). As a sign of respect to the day and symbolizing that this day marks the dawn of a "clean slate" in respect of the forthcoming year I will be wearing a plain white tee today (I had to spice it up a little though). Eid Mubarak

Tshirt No. 231 August 18th 2012
Something weird happened a week ago. I received a tee in the mail (not so weird) but I'd had no info whatsoever of who sent it to me. This is that mysterious tee. Its quite cool though, it has 3 "claw" rips on it and fits pretty well. But I still need to find out who sent this to me!

Tshirt No. 230 August 17th 2012
It should be no secret by now, Sail District is my favorite store at the moment. The wide range of gear is amazing. This combo tee is one of those items I just had to have. I hope their store expands to more locations, more people need the SD in their lives

Tshirt No. 229 16 August 2012
Its almost the end of the month of fasting. That means one thing, back to working out. There are few things I love more than fitness, so when a fitness inspired tee comes my way I get extra excited. This is the form molding "reflective badge" tee that the Sail District store sent me. I'm loving this one

Tshirt No. 228 August 15th 2012
I'm almost ready to hand the pocket tees I've made, as well as ideas for other over to the client that requested them. The feedback has been positive and I hope these get used for the retail range. Fingers crossed

Tshirt No. 227 14th August 2012
I've been hard at work trying to make some pocket tees that can be turned into a range. I've researched a bunch of pocket tees and never came across double waist pocket tees. So I figured I would make some. I must say they look pretty sick

Tshirt No.226 August 13th 2012
Its always a great feeling wearing tees that you've had a hand in making. This is particularly special because these could be used in an upcoming line for a client. As inspired by Africa I spiced it up a bit by changing the zebra print colors.

Tshirt No. 225 August 12th 2012
As mentioned a few days ago, I'm busy working on some pocket tees for a client who wants some African inspired tees. This one is just a simple tee with a leopard print pocket (this tee could be big in jersey lol)

Tshirt No. 224 August 11th 2012
With so many casual graphic tees displayed on YOTT I thought I'd switch it up a bit. That's where this Tie shirt comes in handy. So this is where we suit up boys! Its going to be legen...

Tshirt No. 223 August 10th 2012
I swear I must be one of the luckiest guys ever. I got an email the other day where a client asked me to design a few pocket tees with an "african feel". So what more recognizably african than Ndebele House painting design on the pockets. Let's see how it goes.

Tshirt No. 222 August 9th 2012
If there's one thing I value in life, it must be meditation. With all of the "chaos" happening around me its always good to take some time to meditate and clear everything up. Just relax and find peace. Today I urge you to do the same. Relax and find inner peace.

Tshirt No. 221 August 8th 2012
When I 1st got this tee I found it very profound. I mean its a monkey in a suit, but to me it was more. Somehow it reminded me of how I dread having to tame my ways in order to make it as a Lawyer once I graduate. Hopefully its not as soul draining as I expect. Hopefully

Tshirt No. 220 August 7th 2012
I witnessed falling snow for the 2nd time in my life today. In the heart of Joburg! How do the rest of the world do it? The snow messed up my whole day and frozen solid! Anyways, with all of the 3D merch on the streets, why not get a tee to boot?

Tshirt No. 219 6th August 2012
Working with YOTT has been such an experience for me. Being exposed to such diverse tee brands and designers showed me the massive advances South African tee brands have to make to match what's out there. It also re-inspired my love for making and wearing my own designs. This is one of them

Tshirt No. 218 August 5th 2012
LMAO hahahahahaa I first saw this posted on 9gag and I was happy to find this tee in an unknown nook shop in downtown Johannesburg. Stop jerking gents, there are too many women to go around hahahahaha

Tshirt No. 217 August 4th 2012
The only enemy I will ever have, is me. This is message I will hopefully be spreading when I speak to the youth of Eldorado Park tomorrow. Hopefully I will show them that they have no need to compare themselves to anyone else. Achievement is only possible with making yourself better and not taking unnecessary shots at anyone else. Not to forget that once you make it, you become a target. Wish me luck

Tshirt No. 216 3rd August 2012
Its friday night and that means I have to wear something with some friday night flavor. What better than a tee displaying the 2 reasons I go out, For the ladies and the drinks hahahahaa just kidding, I'm fasting. None of that till Ramadaan is over

Tshirt No.215 August 2nd 2012
While browsing the net for tee companies, I stumbled on some DIY screen printing hints. I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with DIY screen printing but I have never had the opportunity to try it. This tee is my 1st attempt at DIY screen printing and I must say its pretty effective for simpler designs. I think I need more practice

Tshirt No. 214 1st August 2012
This is my last month as a YOTT rep and its been great! A whole lot of fun, work, and of course tees! So basically I've worn a different tee everyday since May, But one thing I just HAVE to ask is... You Mad bro?