Tshirt No. 91 March 31st 2012
Check out this awesome music tee by Alphabet Arm. Reminds me of ice cream trucks in the summer... The Screwball ice cream was the best because it had the gum ball at the bottom.

Tshirt No. 90 March 30th 2012
I've already worn 3/4 of my tshirts. Good thing I got some Boba Milk Tea to refresh myself. Check out Sinotology, they hooked me up with some sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 89 March 29th 2012
Playdates in elementary school turned into lifelong friendships. Big thanks to We Live Here Too for the sweet tshirt!

Tshirt No. 88 March 28th 2012
"You got to do what your heart tells you to do." - Bronx Tale. Big thanks to Lil' LoveDriven for the tshirts!

Tshirt No. 87 March 27th 2012
Keepin' it fresh with my Jimmy Fresh tees. Head on over to their shop, they've got some really awesome designs.

Tshirt No. 86 March 26th 2012
Gotta hit the medicine balls if I want to become a Street Fighter World Champion. Big thanks to Bitmap'd for the video game tshirts!

Tshirt No. 85 March 25th 2012
Feeling all good with my Liber Tee. I'm at a waterpark. Check out Brilyent , they supplied me with some dope tshirts.

Tshirt No. 84 March 24th 2012
This is what happens when you mix Mario and Bomberman. Bombario.... Picked it up at Shirt Vegas.

Tshirt No. 83 March 23rd 2012
Sure we move around, discover new places, and meet new people. Never forget where you came from, and remember, nothing is better than "home sweet home." Big thanks to Keepon Collective for the sick tshirt!!

Tshirt No. 82 March 22nd 2012
By now, you can probably tell that I have a lot of music related tshirts. I really like this shirt because the record is made up of dots (almost as if its Braile) which is saying you have to "feel the beat". Go hit up Thunderies Tees, they sent me this tshirt!

Tshirt No. 81 March 21st 2012
Good rap song = Dope Beats and Dope Rhymes. Anything less doesn't cut it. Thanks Loud Silence for the sick tshirt!

Tshirt No. 80 March 20th 2012
Check out this video, it talks about how NASA is under funded, which is ruining the dreams of the people. On the back of the tshirt it has Neil Armstrong's iconic quote, “One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind”. Big thanks to Suite 230 Clothing for the historic tshirt!

Tshirt No. 79 March 19th 2012
Wax on, Wax off. That's the way of the Miyagi. Big thanks to Found Item Clothing for the throwback tshirt! Here's a link to the Karate Kid Tshirt.

Tshirt No. 78 March 18th 2012
Diggin' In The Crates on a Lazy Sunday. Go check out Solid Threads, they supplied me with a weeks worth of shirts. They have some really sick designs.

Tshirt No. 77 March 17th 2012
Hey look at that. Luck of the Irish! Tshirt number 77, today is the 17, and it's Saint Patricks Day! Just getting my cream soda drink on. Big thanks to Solid Threads for the sweet tshirt!

Tshirt No. 76 March 16th 2012
The famous Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, NJ. It also happens to be where Solid Threads is located. Thanks for the shirt!

Tshirt No. 75 March 15th 2012
Can I Kick it? Yes you can! Can I Kick IT?! Yes you can!! Big thanks to Solid Threads for bringing that "A Tribe Called Quest" flow.

Tshirt No. 74 March 14th 2012
I still ride around in a tricycle because you can't fall off! Only hard part is going downhill.... This tshirt was provided by our friends at Solid Threads, check them out!!

Tshirt No. 73 March 13th 2012
Eli Manning is winning championships while Peyton is getting neck massages. Big thanks to Solid Threads for the awesome tshirt.

Tshirt No. 72 March 12th 2012
Who doesn't love Jersey??? Get ready for a bunch of tshirts from our friends over at Solid Threads. They hooked me up with a weeks worth! Check out their shop, they've got some dope designs.

Tshirt No. 71 March 11th 2012
Wake up, microwave Poptart, watch cartoons, sleep... That's the lifestyle... Big thanks to LifeStyleInks for the awesome tshirts!

Tshirt No. 70 March 10th 2012
The Japanese words in the middle are Ohayo, which means good morning. The state that is on the tshirt is Ohio. Nice play on words... Big thanks to Fakejoy for the sick tshirt!

Tshirt No. 69 March 9th 2012
Can't believe its already March. Time flies.... Big thanks to Timeless Thrills for the hourglass tshirt!

Tshirt No. 68 March 8th 2012
Cap'n Crunch is number 3 on my all time favorite cereals list. I'm going with Honeycombs at number 2 and Lucky Charms at number 1. Picked up this shirt the old fashioned way by buying 4 boxes of Cap'n Crunch and sending in the box tops.

Tshirt No. 67 March 7th 2012
I wish all pizzas had googly eyes.... Go check out Brooklyn Industries, they sent me this awesome tshirt!

Tshirt No. 66 March 6th 2012
Plenty of penguins base their diet off of rice. I just haven't seen one that does... Big thanks to Team Pho for the cool tshirts!

Tshirt No. 65 March 5th 2012
I like to wear this shirt to remind me of the time I wrestled a bear like Will Ferrel in Semi Pro. Check out Homage they sent me some awesome vintage tshirts!

Tshirt No. 64 March 4th 2012
Had nothing to do this Sunday so I decided to make a big batch of cookies. Big thanks to Oven Fresh Dreams for the mouth watering shirt!

Tshirt No. 63 March 3rd 2012
About to dig into what Dr.UEE calls "Bocadillo Calamares" and what I call "Subway". Big thanks to Dr. UEEE for supplying the food tshirts!

Tshirt No. 62 March 2nd 2012
Don't worry my dog is completly fine! She was just sleeping and I needed an animal subject... Go out and buy a Pinata! Big thanks to Made With Awesome for the sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 61 March 1st 2012
You got to create your own destiny. Live life like a paper plane... Check out Concise Clothing, they sent me this awesome tshirt! Also thanks to my little brother who made the paper plane and threw it across my shirt!